UCL Dean’s Fund 2021-2022 with Prof. Joanna Chataway, Dr Timothy Carroll, Dr James Shraiky, and Rebecca Williams

This new collaboration draws together a team of interdisciplinary experts from SHS and other UCL Faculties in health, policy, and material culture to develop evidence-based recommendations and critical theory concerning the creative ways in which obstacles were overcome during COVID. Our four objectives are to:

1) Gather new ethnographic data on the design and effectiveness of formal and informal NHS mechanisms in hospital spaces to support patients and staff during the pandemic.

2) Develop policy guidance aimed at improving hospital infrastructures and care practices.

3) Two peer-reviewed journal publications examining the findings in terms of the role of medical materialities within hospital spaces mid-crisis and beyond.

4) Scope the possibilities and practical considerations for a large, interdisciplinary grant in collaboration with SHS’s flagship SODA project, focused on the material culture of hospitals and how new approaches to design might better equip health infrastructures in periods of crisis management.

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